Tales from a Work in Progress

NaNoWriMo Prep #2 – Characters Tales from a Work in Progress

Today we're answering a lot of questions to build out our characters.  Visit: BuyMeACoffee.com/JMTuckerman TWSwriters.org JMTuckerman.com Questions for your MC: So, write down their name, age, hair/eye/skin color, height/weight, ethnicity/cultural background what are they good at?  what special skills/abilities do they have?  what do they love to do?  Describe their family, how does everyone get along?  where do they live? what it's like there?  describe their house, their bedroom, and their favorite place to be alone what are they hiding?  what do they keep in their pockets/purse/backpack/bag?  what's their favorite music? favorite book? favorite food? favorite tv show? favorite movie? favorite game?  what makes them happy?  what upsets them?  what makes them anxious?  what's a secret they don't want anyone to know?  what are they most proud of?  what do they want out of life?  what is their overall goal of the story and what would they consider second place and losing? Secondary Character Questions: How do they know the MC(main character)?  What do they LOVE about the MC?  What do they disagree with?  What similarities do they have with the MC?  What differences do they have with the MC?  And what holes do they fill for the MC? Antagonist Questions: Why is the antagonist getting in the MC's way?  How do they feel about the MC and why?  Does your antagonist have any likable qualities?  What are their weaknesses? Abstract Antagonist Questions: how does it get in the way?  where did it come from?  what limits does it impose on the supporting characters' ability to support the MC?  is there any way to stop it?
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