S. Salazar

Jessica Tuckerman is professional, thorough, and helpful with editing work. She gives suggestions that change the way my writing feels and sounds. Jessica has a wide range of talents editing across genres and styles.

I trust all of my pieces with her, and when I work with her, my writing reaches more people than it would otherwise.

Without her expertise, my writing career wouldn’t be nearly as successful.

Marie Thomas

Jessica is absolutely amazing and one of the best editors to date. Iโ€™ve worked with a few notable editors, but when it comes to rank, Jessica is number one. The thing I appreciate most is her honesty. She wonโ€™t just tell you something is good. Sheโ€™ll tell you how bad it is and then help you make it great (if youโ€™re ever in that situation).

As a BIPOC author, I always look forward to her candidness and attention to detail.

Lauren Lamourine

Jessica has an eye for polishing a manuscript, both for fiction and nonfiction. Her skill for improving figurative language will kick the clichรฉs out of your work.

She can also help you determine how to appeal to your target audience.

And she is amazing with formatting and grammar.