Critical Error (repost)

Having your first draft critiqued can be hard, especially if it took some time to complete, but it will only get better if you are positive about its criticism. You can’t improve your writing if you think it’s already perfect.

If it’s the first draft-believe me when I say this-it’s shitty.

WTT: Zombie Rule #2

In the 17th century, a man named John Dryden made the executive decision that because it could not be done in Latin, that ending a sentence with a preposition was “not elegant.” And so, centuries later, the world’s best prose, descriptions, and arguments went from being something which we all strived for to something for which we all strived.

WTT: Zombie Rule #1

Let’s talk about dead grammar. There are plenty of rules for grammar which aren’t true any more. Heck, I before E actually has more words which break the rule than words that follow it. Zombie Rules, so called because they are dead but still lifelessly wander the earth looking for writers to scare off, are both helpful and a hindrance.