Logos and Contests

roundrobinWell hello there everyone! This post is going to show you all some of the logos I’ve been playing around with for Round Robin Writes and also tell you all about a very cool contest RRW is holding! RRW is a blog written by 4 writers who work together to create 1 story. We all create a chapter of the story based on the previous person’s chapter. Which is awesome because no one can give you spoilers even if they wanted to! Right now, RRW is holding a contest to name the mascot. If you win you get a free ONE OF A KIND Round Robin Writes T-shirt. It costs nothing to enter and it’d be super fun for you to win I assure you.

Below, are the logos I’ve created and can’t choose between (so I uploaded all of them).

Round Robin Writes

If you are interested in reading some of my creative writing I encourage you to check out my work on Round Robin Writes, a blog written by 4 writers who collaborate to write one story.

This is the newest banner for the Round Robin Writes Facebook page.

The Not-So-Great Gatsby ✪✪✰✰✰

great-gatsby-cover-designs-e1365721277174I hate this book. Let me rephrase: I hate all of the characters in this book, which, in turn, leads me to hate this book. I gave it one star for being a classic (and you must respect the classics even if you don’t enjoy them) and one star for being an iconic representation of the Jazz Age. Gatsby receives no stars for abuse, alcoholism, adultery, stalking, gold-digging, or the lavish nature of wasted money.

It’s 1922, West Egg, Long Island is populated by the neuvaeu riche and all the old money in East Egg hate them. It’s not just that the West Egg residents have made their money too recently to have any real social connections: it’s what they do with it. Prime example: Nick Carraway, the main character, lives next door to a large Gothic style mansions where parties happen every Saturday night. Just think about all the money that goes into throwing a small get together let alone one which fills a mansion.flapper-jazz-age-2

Open Happiness?

My New Media Production 2 class will be showing our project “Open Happiness?” at the Rowan College of Communication and Creative Arts showcase Sunday at 4:30pm in the Student Center Ballroom.

We all worked together to create a physical computing project based on Shannon Listman’s project.

This is the graphic design that I created for the project.


My Little Hiatus

School is winding down and so all of my classes are piling on the work. I won’t bother to list all of my assignments that are do within the next weeks. It’s a lot. That’s all that really needs to be said.

It made me wonder how Olympic level archers find the time between work and practice. I’m supposed to be shooting 100 arrows 5 times a week, but life is getting in the way. School isn’t the only thing getting in the way, I also want to see my friends and be social. My life feels like a giant triangle. The points are being social, shooting, and school, and I can only devote my time to one of them.

The worst part is that all I want to do is go out shooting. I’ve given the archery-virus to some of my friends, but they can’t all shoot with me all the time. Shooting helps me to de-stress when my workload gets too high. I hate not being able to shoot every day.

I can’t wait for May 10th. I walk in commencement on May 16th.


Sun burn and bruises and sprains… owww….

As per my bad form with my wrist, I have pulled a muscle in my right forearm. Between the increased weight of my bow, although it’s not much, and shooting 100 arrows a day 5 times a week I now have a very puffy forearm. The sunburn is because I completely forgot to wear sunscreen on the very beautiful sunny day. And now  have tan lines. Awesome. On Saturday, at practice with RUAC, I hit myself with my string–twice. And then again on Sunday, I did the same thing.

First it looked like this.
First it looked like this.
Then it looked like this.

I have started participating the a precision program where I can earn pins from the Adult Achievement Program. Yesterday was the first day. I shot 204/360. Not bad for my first time shooting 30 meters. I still shoot left. And before any one says anything, I know why I keep shooting left. I have been focusing through the sight instead of letting my peripheral vision do the work. So, now that I’m aware of that I will be keeping it in mind.

It’s really great to have a weekly incentive to shoot outside of my own desire to. I can’t wait to get my first pin and I am determined to get others.