The Gracekeepers β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†

I just finished reading Kirsty Logan’sΒ The Gracekeepers, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. A beautiful fantasy setting surrounding a system of once joined islands and archipelagos.

The world presented to us is one divided by those inhabiting the mainland,Β landlockers, and those who float on the sea,Β damplings. Β The vast loneliness of the sea creeps into everyone’s lives whether they are embraced by the ocean’s waves or separated by them.

The story follows, mainly, North and Callanish, two women who are desperately longing for a sense of home. North is a member of the dampling Circus Excalibur, that travels from island to island performing for their dinners. Callanish is a Gracekeeper, responsible for laying the dead to rest in shallow watery graves.

I really enjoyed the colorings from Scottish lore, which are everywhere, and beautifully written. My one and only issue with the book was that it took a long time for my interest to be peaked in these characters.

But once it was there it never left!

I’m so sorry that this review is so short but I literally cannot tell you about the great parts without revealing spoilers and I don’t want to deprive you of a great read. So go out-buy yourself a copy-and enjoy your little hearts out.