Internships and Other News

Whelp! I just sent off my application for an internship at Quirk Books. Here’s hoping that I get the Spring Internship!

*crossing my fingers*

It’s a social media and digital marketing internship which brings us to the question: why social media and digital marketing?

The short answer: I just want to work with books.

The better answer: I have genuinely been wondering how much more I would have read had social media been around when I was younger. Oh, I had MySpace and LiveJournal (they make me feel ancient just typing out their names) but they weren’t really as community based as Facebook and Tumblr. My friends were avid readers, but I wasn’t. Not until Harry Potter anyway–which is a story I have told at least 10,000 times on this blog. I wonder if I had seen the fandom on my feeds the way I do now if I would have started reading earlier.