Throwback Thursday: Madeline

Screen shot 2014-06-05 at 12.21.47 PMLudwig Bemelmans’Β Madeline is probably one of my favorite picture books from my childhood. As an adult, I enjoy the casual art style which looks like it was scribbled on to the paper and never touched with an eraser. Like other picture books, much of the description is left up to the picture and rarely mentioned with the text itself.

The Not-So-Great Gatsby βœͺβœͺ✰✰✰

great-gatsby-cover-designs-e1365721277174I hate this book. Let me rephrase: I hate all of the characters in this book, which, in turn, leads me to hate this book. I gave it one star for being a classic (and you must respect the classics even if you don’t enjoy them) and one star for being an iconic representation of the Jazz Age. Gatsby receives no stars for abuse, alcoholism, adultery, stalking, gold-digging, or the lavish nature of wasted money.

It’s 1922, West Egg, Long Island is populated by the neuvaeu riche and all theΒ old moneyΒ in East Egg hate them. It’s not just that the West Egg residents have made their money too recently to have any real social connections: it’s what they do with it. Prime example: Nick Carraway, the main character, lives next door to a large Gothic style mansions where parties happen every Saturday night. Just think about all the money that goes into throwing a small get together let alone one which fills a mansion.flapper-jazz-age-2