Summer Writing Goals

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Summer is here! Officially! And it’s hot to trot!

I have some goals this summer and they pertain mostly to my manuscript. During the semester I came to the… terrible… realization that the entire completed manuscript was from the wrong point of view.

So I put it away and said I’d get to it this summer. So far I’ve made some good progress. I’m over 100 pages, I’m almost at the halfway mark, and I’m learning that this girl is a psychopath with a big ol’ heart.

I’ve been using Pacemaker.Plus to help set and track my goals. It’s pretty cool. You can view your work however you want and set how you want to track that. I like the calendar view (which you can download and add to any calendar).

The green squares are days I’ve gotten writing done, and the blue squares are the goals for those days. Some days are pretty low, some are high. But I find having the schedule like this helps to alleviate the stress of trying to write everyday. I can get ahead of this goal or catch up to it.

Summer is Ending

wpid-img_20150704_132124.jpgI’ve been a very busy bee this summer. I bet you’re thinking “Whatever happened to the vlogs you were doing, Jess?” And I will tell you: adult life.

After the third Casavloga episode all I did was go to work and write more of my thesis project. Which means all I have are video clips of me in the car on the way to and from work talking about my thesis project.

And I imagine you don’t want to watch what is pretty much the same episode week after week.

Eventually I just didn’t have the time to edit the videos, especially since I didn’t have much to say in most of them except, “On my way to work… again…”

From Tumblers to Travel Mugs

It is a whopping 68 degrees outside today. I’m glad that Autumn is finally here. As wonderful as Spring and Summer are, despite all that humid heat and the plethora of allergens, I prefer the Fall. There is something divinely serene about an Autumn evening, with the falling leaves and the chilly breeze.

It’s just so calm and inspiring to sit outside now. The mosquitoes aren’t eating me alive anymore because it’s getting to cold for them to be outside. My record for mosquitoes on me at a single time this summer was 8. That’s right. 8 little blood suckers on me at one time. You should see my legs. They are all scratched up and covered in welts.

But enough about my torn up legs. It’s hot chocolate season! Which is why I’m writing this post. I love hot chocolate. The only problem is that getting my hands on hot water is not going to be as easy filling up my water bottle while I’m at school.

Also I really want a new mug for my hot cocoa.