Social Badges for BookCon

Not every bookworm is a social butterfly. As of yet, BookCon does not have social badges for their event. So I made some. Feel free to download these badges, print them, fold them in half, laminate them, and hang them from your lanyard to help make your con a little easier.

3Green: I like making friends! Come talk to me!

2Yellow: I’m a little shy. Please let me start the conversation.

1Red: Do not talk to me unless I know you.

Social Badges

Two posts in one day! Who knew that was possible?

In any case, BookCon is upon us. And I know I’ve shared a social badges post before but I really want this to catch on at BookCon. I’ve been to other cons where these are a thing and it really makes the experience that much easier ESPECIALLY if you have social anxieties. So please wear these if you need them and respect those who are wearing them this year.

Green: Talk to me! I like being social!

Yellow: I’m a little shy. Please let me start the conversation.

Red: Please do not talk to me.

WTT: News Flash, Writing is Social

Writing is social. I fought against this the moment I heard but when shortly after graduation when I was talking with some other writers… about writing… I realized that it’s true. So let me say it again for clarification:


There’s nothing you can do about it. As a writer you have a conversation with yourself about what to include in every piece, creative or otherwise. Don’t look at me like I’ve lost my mind. Just stay with me here. If you’ve ever questioned what made you write that sentence, you communed with yourself. Sounds a little risque when I word it that way, but whatever. After you’ve gone through your entire piece you take it to your Beta readers.

Now you all have to talk about this piece. Looks like you’re all working on the same project. What’s that word for that again…? Oh right!