Another Day, Another Cough Drop

First, let me tell you about the weather here. Most weeks have gone something like 70, 60, 50, into the 40s, and back up to the 80s. Some days have been muggy. Some days have been dry. Yesterday was miserable.

The rain was that misty crap that your umbrella can’t stop. It doesn’t come down fast enough so it waits in the air for you to walk straight into it, touching all of its germs and bacteria and ick.

Now, I have had a sore throat for about a week at this point and, needless to say but I’m going to say it anyway, yesterday did not help.

wpid-20151119_144221.jpgYesterday had it’s highlights, however. I did have my interview with Quirk Books in Philadelphia. And I think it went REALLY WELL. More on that in a little bit. I had to trudge through Philly taking care not to stand too close to the curbs that were submerged in dirty water as large trucks and fast cars zoomed past me trying to dampen myself even more.

I overshot my estimation of how long the speedline would take to get into Philly and was almost an hour early for my interview. Not wanting to seem too eager I decided to go into Old City Coffee. And let me tell you, how the entire time I was on the speedline (train for those of you not in the know), and it was rocking back and forth, nauseating me, I was pretty much eating cough drops like candy because the cold wet air was doingΒ wonders for my throat.

My poor sore throat… which is as red as my new jacket…

wpid-img_20151119_152521.jpgAnywho, I went into Old City Coffee and had a hot cocoa. Which not only warmed me, burned my throat enough to give me voice back, and tasted AWESOME–but also did a real good job of covering up that cherry/menthol perfume I had spewing out of my pours.

So onto my interview. Julie and Valerie are really nice and very energetic. I really hope I get this internship so that I have the opportunity to work with them!

(Would also be nice to have the opportunity to work period)

After my interview was done, Valerie took me into the book room and I got to take some books home with me. Also I now have two Quirk Books totes. One that I got at BookCon 2015 when I got books, and one that I got yesterday… when I got books.

In any case, I’ll probably vlog tonight about my masters project. Which I’m going to go back to working on.

Also! Look at this poorly put together advent calendar I made!Β blackfriday

Starting on Dec 1, 2015, Round Robin Writes will be sharing a book recommendation a day. We’ll be sharing the image with the hashtag #giveabook, which means that if you then share our posts that there are more posts with that hashtag and more books will be donated to underprivileged children. So follow us on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter so that you can help spread the love.

Blogging from Bed

Ah sweet, warm, and comfy bed. It feels like such a comfort to be in bed as my week ends. I mean, more so than usual. As some people know, a friend of mine passed away suddenly from a heart attack recently and I (and my friends and some family) are still dealing with that grief. On top of that, I am working through a sinus infection which is making me feel like my head might implode… or explode… there’s is so much pressure right now I can’t really tell which way it’s going. Almost seems like it’s a metaphor… a snotty tissue, lung hacking, mucus coughing filled metaphor.
I especially love the medicine. Antiobiotics that make me want to hurl unless I eat too much food and cough syrup thaf I shoukd really oly take when I have no where to go… for about a week. I’m kidding… sort of…
I wanted to talk about books actually. You see I recently pre-ordered a book and received it yesterday. It’s a hardback and I’m REALLY SUPER DUPER OMG ASDFGHJKL EXCITED ABOUT IT!
I haven’t pre-ordered a book since he 7th Harry Potter book. The book the The Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard. I did a little post about the first seven chapters a few weeks ago. Which I would link to were I not typing on my phone.
Long story short, I’m really excited to just be this excited about getting a book.
Any who… it’s late. We’re all tired and I have to go to work in a few hours.

Post another soon!
PB (Post Blog, get it? I’m hilarious) Please forgive my terrible typos. I typed this on my phone… the laptop is really far away… near my desk… and the desk top… and it’s cold outside of my bed…