1 Week into the Road

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram (Or Round Robin Writes on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram) then you know that Magalyn Ann and I are out on the most epic of road trips.

20160512_095206.jpgLast Thursday, I graduated with my MA in Writing from Rowan University. Now, I get to display my name as Jessica M Tuckerman, MA. How cool is that? Any who, I didn’t get to walk across the stage because they were running an hour behind and I had to catch our first train.

A Fond Farewell

I wrote this to say goodbye to all the great members of the Writing Arts Club at Rowan University. I’m graduating in the Spring and the club is now officially in its first generation. 

20151201_224345.jpgWhen Drew Kopp first sent out an email blast asking students to come to the first Writing Arts Club, I was excited. I had transferred to Rowan University not too long before and desperately missed the sense of community I’d had within my major before hand.

There were ten or so of us at that first meeting and we all agreed to keep in touch over break–which of course we did not.

When I was voted in as President and Maggie as Vice President, there were only five members at the meeting. And then even less at the next meeting. Until, eventually, it was just me and Maggie in a reserved room working on homework–with special guest guest stars Colleen Nester, our secretary at the time, and Brian Wright.

20151208_135156.jpgIt was disheartening, to say the least.

But this semester, Maggie’s last semester and my second to last semester, the club picked up. And I am so happy to have met each and every person who came through the door.
It was so great to teach people how to blog and getting people more comfortable with workshopping.

And as much as I complained, I am genuinely going to miss it all.

20151201_225528.jpgThe power I mean.

Not you people.

Just kidding.

Well, I guess it’s time to wrap this up: bottom line–the community should come first. Writing is social. You need to talk to people to write believable dialogue. Your best writing will come from something that you share. And the more you get workshopped–the more you will be comfortable with it. Not only with talking about your work and having it critiqued but also with workshopping someone else’s work.

I hope I can come back to visit and find this club thriving and full of new and interesting members who are eager to explore themselves and their art.


Make good art. – Neil Gaiman20151201_224333.jpg



BookCon15_logo_1024Listen up Ladies and Gents! I’m going to BookCon 2015! Ordering my ticket TODAY! I’m so excited!

Especially since one of my last posts was about book conventions. I’m hoping that it will be everything I want it to be. I mean so many many authors I’ve read are going:

Core2s15 Translated Field Notes Exercise P1,2,3

JESSICATHEPC - 1Research Methods

  • Compare and Contrast
  • Assimilate into the culture (note: use correct language)
  • Diagramming
  • Experience and Participation
  • Beware of the complexity of perspective (note: two people may watch the same scene but see different important details)
  • Immersion (note: similar to Experience and Participation. Get up and try it)
  • Observing Realities
  • Standing Back (note: observation)

It’s Still Not Noon…

frustration_2Let’s talk about work. My work. My lack of work… the company I work for currently is about to switch data programs and so I haven’t been able to open any orders. Which, as you can imagine, has made my December incredibly boring.

Now, most people are happy to get paid for doing nothing. In fact, I know a great many people who would absolutely love it. Let me explain that the nothing I have been doing has not been in my home. I don’t get to take a nap in the afternoon. And I sit in front of my boss which makes it a little hard to goof off and/or read. The first day that I had nothing to do–not that bad.

The 30th day that I had nothing to do–agony

More Red Tape

Since my very first semester of college I have always had a problem with red tape. I am very angry confused this time since the error is within the same electronic system. It’s one thing when I transfer and the system has no idea what to make of courses-it’s another when I have my degree on my transcripts but cannot register for my next semester of Grad school because…






Think on that for a moment. My BA was awarded to me on August 30, 2014 and yet on September 15, 2014 and a hold was put on my account preventing me from registering for class. How does that even work?

And the best part, as a friend pointed out to me earlier, is that the hold lasts until December 31, 2099. I could wait 99 years for the hold to go away and then register. I will be 126 years old in 2099 and most likely dead.

So now I’m waiting for someone to return my phone call or my email about this problem so that I can register. If nothing else, I will remember this when I write my memoirs.

100 Posts!

jessifirework2No it’s not just a gif of fireworks over Cinderella’s castle. I thought I’d talk about NaNoWriMo and my little plans for it. For those who don’t know National Novel Writing Month begins Nov 1 at 12:00am. The challenge is to write 50,000 words and ultimately finish the novel. Well as I’ve talked about in the My Fiction Friday posts I’m working on many pieces, but I will be focusing my efforts on the Charlotte Holmes piece.
I’m trying to organize a Write-In at school. Gather all the Writing Arts majors and stick them in a room and force them to finish that big project. Maybe I’ll feed them. Maybe it’ll be a potluck.  Who knows.

Maybe I’ll make it conditional. Write 1,000 words and you can have a slice of pizza. Write 2,000 words and I’ll let you out to pee. Should go over well.



Another Day in The Capitol

On Friday, I took another trip to Washington, DC, with my friend and fellow Round Robin writer, Magdalyn Ann. Our day started at 7am, when we both got ready at Maggie’s house. I slept on her couch and came to a stunning realization: I don’t sleep well on couches. It’s not just her couch. It’s my couch at home and the couch at my grandmother’s house… pretty much all the couches ever. They just aren’t meant for me to get 8 hours.

In any case–7am we got up, got dressed, and got on our way to Rowan to catch a bus to DC. The bus left at 8am and no one checked my ID. No one. I could’ve gone on that trip for free. I’m also pretty disturbed that on a trip like that no one stood at the bus door making sure that the people on the trip paid. I could’ve just written my name on that attendance list-or really any name since they didn’t check IDs-and gone for free. Not that I did or would honestly have gall to do so. 

My Fiction Friday: No Fiction

I’m not working on anything currently and I haven’t made any significant progress on any other piece I’ve mentioned. My portfolio work has put a big dent in all of my progress.

I am currently finishing my capstone classes for my degree. In Rowan’s Writing Arts program, our portfolio consists of five submissions which are analyzed according to the department’s core values.