Some Summer Designs

So as I’m sure you all know, I do a lot of graphic designing over at Round Robin Writes. And as I’m also sure you know, it’s almost summer, which means I’m currently putting together new Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook banners. I try to make them similar but different at the same time. So first, I dressed up Leonardo and Leona, and then I found some toys for the baby robin (who has yet to get a name, feel free to suggest some), and then I found some activities for them to do.

Then I created the background by blending some images I liked together so that I could have all of these activities together.

And then I posted the Facebook banner and new website banner here so you could all get a sneak peak of what I’ve done so far today.


Logos and Contests

roundrobinWell hello there everyone! This post is going to show you all some of the logos I’ve been playing around with for Round Robin Writes and also tell you all about a very cool contest RRW is holding! RRW is a blog written by 4 writers who work together to create 1 story. We all create a chapter of the story based on the previous person’s chapter. Which is awesome because no one can give you spoilers even if they wanted to! Right now, RRW is holding a contest to name the mascot. If you win you get a free ONE OF A KIND Round Robin Writes T-shirt. It costs nothing to enter and it’d be super fun for you to win I assure you.

Below, are the logos I’ve created and can’t choose between (so I uploaded all of them).