End of Week #4

20160126_121027.jpgWhat a weird week. Monday was not flogged down with mailings. My morning walks in were not hectic… well except for Monday. Because apparently no one knows how to shovel their sidewalks… and I slipped and fell on my butt. No I will not post a picture.

I wrote a blog post this week and–of course–formatted many and created images for them for the usual reason that some bloggers don’t send photos and others send them in all different shapes and sizes.

I’ve been working on some large scale research projects this week. The first has been making a master grid of all the blog posts that Quirk has published. I’m gathering titles, URLs, original posting date, and writing down categories and making some general notes about the layout etc. I’m barely into October 2015. It wouldn’t be as bad if I could organize the posts in the order they were posted, but Quirk’s back end organizes them by the last time they were updated. Which makes my rhythm a little awkward.

October post.

October post.

October post.

July post.

October post.

August post.

October post.

October post.

img_20160120_144658.jpgIt throws me sometimes and I’ve learned not to look at the date in the back end–only the date on the post. It’s easier that way. Makes me feel more sane.

I’m also looking into some new social media content management systems. But-the ones we want to check out are the ones that we have to talk to people on the phone about. Like-listen up companies-I just want to screw around with your program and see how badly I can mess it all up and fix it without you. Because that is my test of a good program. If IΒ have to sit through training on it–I don’t think it’s all that great a program.

At least for social media management. Think about it: there’s usually more than one person handling the accounts, why would you want it to be complicated beyond reason?

Outside of the bulk mailing we interns did last week, there hasn’t been a massive one since. In fact, I think I’ve only sent out like six packages this whole week. Not that I’m complaining–it just feels suspicious that I’m not doing that anymore.

Also-I’m super excited to go see #PPZMovie (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies)–especially since I’m at the company that published the book. It’d be sweet if I could go to a special premiere. Probably won’t. But it’d still be cool.

Just as cool as getting a job at Quirk.

*cough, cough* Hire me. *cough*

And then Friday, today, I went to the comic club at lunch time. And everyone just talked about comics for an hour–among other things–but the focus was on comics and graphic novels. I had a lot of fun just listening in.

End of Week #2

20160115_075805.jpgToday was incredibly hectic, but at the same time it wasn’t. I had very few mailings to send out but the time I would normally spend taking care of that was spent working on making pictures for blog posts.

I couldn’t believe how little I sent out. As always, I formatted blog posts and edited the images for them. Sometimes, bloggers send images with their posts and sometimes they don’t. The images aren’t always great. For example, sometimes they send me 100x100px thumbnails and expect me to blow them up to 650px.

Obviously I look for replacement photos then.

But the biggest problem I have with images comes form book covers: for not all covers are created equal. Literally. Some are very wide, some are very tall, and although I make them the appropriate width they are often too tall and would literally take up the entire screen for the viewer.

So, today I created some images to feature these book covers that also fit into the 650px width requirement. Nothing special, but I like them. I used the cover itself as a background image and then placed the cover on top, rather than just typing out the title. I didn’t just want to feature the image on the cover but the actual cover and so I think the overlap does that well.

After that I did a lot with Netgalley, approve and denying reviewer requests. That took a lot of time. While refreshing the page I also looked up good YouTube channel practices and techniques. I’m hoping I’ll get to make some shorts at Quirk, it could be a lot of fun!

img_20160108_142016.jpgInterns gone wild.

Literally just us reading a book and drinking coffee instead of tea.


I also wrote a press release–for the first time–ever. And I didn’t completely botch that up so kudos to me.

Any whoozles! It was a busy day and very rewarding. I’m really enjoying my time at Quirk and I’m glad that I’m able to apply myself in new ways each day.