The First Day

wKd5uxZ0UivpIi-muMej7KMWfXyNACNknxJTpGDKoN4My first day at Quirk is over. Go ahead. Ask me how it was.


I’ll start at the beginning.

I got to the speedline (the philly/south jersey equivalent of the subway/metro) a little after 8:00am. And there was nothing but metered parking available. Unless you have a very special PATCO Freedom card.

Which I do.


So I parked at my metered parking, ran inside really fast, purchased my super special card, ran back out, and moved my car into the super special parking lot. AND THEN I ran to catch the train. But waiting inside was too crowded so I moved outside and sat on the metal bench.

Which I regretted immediately.

I could not feel my butt within seconds.



I also regretted not bringing a hat with me. The city is like a wind tunnel and my scarf and extra jacket was not enough to counter act how cold my bottom felt. To add to this, the plastic bag I had with my lunch in it broke.

And all I could think was “Oh please, not today.” I ended up stuffing my lunch into my purse for the rest of the day–because I forgot I brought it–not the point. MOVING ON.

I thought I was supposed to get there at 9:00am. So arriving at 20 of was just fine. If I had to be there at 9:00am. Which I did not. In fact, I had to be there at 9:30am… which was a much longer wait than the 20 minutes I had planned.

But hey! I was super on time!

And after Julie Leung, the Social Media Manager, got there, I got straight to work.

20160104_164219.jpgAT MY DESK! How important am I now?

Stop judging me. The desk is very exciting.

I started handing the Tumblr by queue-ing up a lot of posts and I also sent out Quirk Loot, drafted January’s Quirk Perks, made feature images for kindle and other e-book deals, and sent out a lot of books. Some of which were very hard to find.

Like MAPLE, which mysteriously was not in the book room.

And everyone I met today was super nice and Julie is awesome! She took a coupe pictures of me to share and introduce me as the new intern and we had a lot of fun.

img_20160104_170619.jpgBest part?

I had stuff to do all day. You all know how much I love to have things to do all day. Keep me moving, keep me busy, see you Wednesday!