Main Character Monday: Quicksilver

A member of the Avengers, a super hero in his own right, and the part of a mutant family, Quicksilver is one of my favorite X-men characters.

Pietro (sometimes referred as Peter) Maximoff was raised by the gypsy couple Django and Marya Maximoff along with his twin sister Wanda (aka Scarlet With). The gypsy couple was poor and Django turned to stealing in order to feed his family. Pietro used his incredible speed, which he discovered as a teenager, to run away with his sister Wanda. They lived in Europe until one day Wanda set a house on fire–whoops–and they were rescued by Magneto.

X-Men: Days of Future Past βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺ✰

X-Men: Days of Future Past wasΒ phenomenal. There were many homages to the comic and the whole plot line was executed beautifully.

The casting combinations of the older and younger selves worked perfectly for the story line. Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are perfect in their roles as the older and wiser Professor X and Magneto while James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender have the boyish charm to play the younger counterparts who hold on to their justified grudges.

—Spoilers Below—