Top 5 Peeves I Have with NetGalley

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Overall, I do enjoy NetGalley as a service but there are just a few things that bother me about it.

#1 Sequels

I think NetGalley should have a more obvious marker for books that are part of a series. When a publisher doesn’t mark that it’s book #2 or #3, or mention that it’s a sequel, it makes it a little hard to review on time.

#2 Location Locking

It’s the modern age. You know where I am. Why bother showing me things I can’t request?

#3 Timely Approvals

I think there should be a time period before the archive date when reviewers can A: no longer request and B: automatically be declined if they haven’t been already. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been a approved for a title the day before it archives. Which means I have to read the book quickly (along with everything else I have to read) and get the review up or let my feedback rating fall.

#4 Wishes

Are dumb. Either the book is available for request or it isn’t. The end. Don’t make usย wish that you uploaded a damn file.

#5 No Choice of Format

I love graphic novels. I hate Adobe Editions. As does my computer. It runs slow on each device I have it on and takes too long to load pages. Do you know how hard it is to readย anythingย when you have to slowly watch each page load? My kindle supports graphic novels, Nooks, to my knowledge, support graphic novels. I would prefer having a choice of format so I can choose to read it on my kindle in black and white or deal with the slow loading in Adobe.

#6 No Mobile App

I don’t want to read the books on my phone, I can do that in the kindle app. But I would prefer a NetGalley mobile app that I can request through and get notifications from. Yes, we receive emails when we’ve been approved or denied but they get lost in a sea of emails. It would be nice to have reminders as well for when a book is about to archive and I have not added my review to NetGalley.