Allegiant β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†β˜†

I was recently pushed to finish Allegiant by Verionica RothΒ before I read anything else on my daunting To-Read list so I can freak out over it with Jessica Tuckerman.Β So I did and I still haven’t fully recovered.

Warning: major spoilers ahead.

Kindred Crux

The cold morning mist soaked into her dirty clothes. Lelianna shivered as she tried desperately to remain asleep. The heavy rains from the night before had soaked her cardboard home completely. She knew she would need a new one before dark.

Lelianna moved the hanging trash bags for the last time as she exited her home. Her clothes were dirty, her dark skin was greasy, and her hair hadn’t felt a brush in 3 years. She needed to look more presentable if she wanted to warn anything that day. She leaned behind her box and picked her backpack out of the trash can. She was thankful to own at least one dry item.

Like she had done every morning for the last three years, she went into the bus station restroom and washed her face and hands. She looked on the floor for loose hair ties and ran her fingers through her hair in an attempt to tame it. The streets were more crowded than usual that morning.

There must be a convention in town,Β she thought.Β I’d better hurry.

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