1 Week into the Road

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram (Or Round Robin Writes on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram) then you know that Magalyn Ann and I are out on the most epic of road trips.

20160512_095206.jpgLast Thursday, I graduated with my MA in Writing from Rowan University. Now, I get to display my name as Jessica M Tuckerman, MA. How cool is that? Any who, I didn’t get to walk across the stage because they were running an hour behind and I had to catch our first train. Continue reading “1 Week into the Road”

Some New Photos

My good friend Magdalyn Ann and I decided we needed some new photos of us for our respective blogs and platforms so we went to a park near my house around sundown and filled up an SD card. We took… over 300 photos. Well, really Maggie did. Because Maggie is trigger happy (you know you are, don’t even fight it). But here are the photos that made the cut for me tonight! Expect to see them everywhere! Continue reading Some New Photos

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I’m So Excitey-Pants

tumblr_inline_mzqh3ex1U21rju2ibYeah, that’s right–I said EXCITEY-PANTS! BookCon 2015 is just a few weeks away and I’m going to get to be in nerdy book heaven. I can already see all of my savings going right out the window… might as well just use it as a bookmark. Don’t care. Books are worth it.

I’m especially excited to spend the weekend with Magdalyn Ann, part of my writer’s flock over at Round Robin Writes (we like puns a little too much, don’t care). I’m going to be staying with her, probably going to vlog a little bit of it with her and I ordered RRW business cards (AND PENS-OMG I’M SO EXCITED FOR THE PENS)lpContinue reading “I’m So Excitey-Pants”

Another Day in The Capitol

On Friday, I took another trip to Washington, DC, with my friend and fellow Round Robin writer, Magdalyn Ann. Our day started at 7am, when we both got ready at Maggie’s house. I slept on her couch and came to a stunning realization: I don’t sleep well on couches. It’s not just her couch. It’s my couch at home and the couch at my grandmother’s house… pretty much all the couches ever. They just aren’t meant for me to get 8 hours.

In any case–7am we got up, got dressed, and got on our way to Rowan to catch a bus to DC. The bus left at 8am and no one checked my ID. No one. I could’ve gone on that trip for free. I’m also pretty disturbed that on a trip like that no one stood at the bus door making sure that the people on the trip paid. I could’ve just written my name on that attendance list-or really any name since they didn’t check IDs-and gone for free. Not that I did or would honestly have gall to do so.  Continue reading “Another Day in The Capitol”

Kindred Crux

The cold morning mist soaked into her dirty clothes. Lelianna shivered as she tried desperately to remain asleep. The heavy rains from the night before had soaked her cardboard home completely. She knew she would need a new one before dark. Lelianna moved the hanging trash bags for the last time as she exited her home. Her clothes were dirty, her dark skin was greasy, and her hair hadn’t felt a brush in 3 years. She needed to look more presentable if she wanted to warn anything that day. She leaned behind her box and picked her backpack out of … Continue reading Kindred Crux

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