My Kindle Kaputzed

About a week ago my Kindle Touch stopped taking a charge through its incredibly loose charging port and I’m so sad about it. And I’m sure somewhere in the comments I’m going to read a “Real books don’t kaputz” comment, but let’s be real clear here: I enjoy reading-no matter its physical medium.

Also I can’t carrying around 99 books in my purse.

The problem I’m having now is that I can’t view my Kindle Docs on my PC, which is how I get my ARCs and Galleys for review. I can, however, read them on my phone, which is not as enjoyable, I assure you.

Right now, I have roughly ten ARCs waiting for me to read them for review and I have to do them on my phone until I get myself a new Kindle.

I’m thinking about getting a Kindle Paper White. I liked the Touch because of the ink screen, and the Paper White has the same screen (with a light!). I’m also excited to be able to read graphic novels on the Paper White, which didn’t work so well on the Touch.

I guess I’m just looking for some suggestions here. Does anyone else have an e-reader?


BookCon15_logo_1024Listen up Ladies and Gents! I’m going to BookCon 2015! Ordering my ticket TODAY! I’m so excited!

Especially since one of my last posts was about book conventions. I’m hoping that it will be everything I want it to be. I mean so many many authors I’ve read are going:

E-Books or Hardbacks?

I’ve seen a lot of talk about preferences for psychical copies versus e-editions. I thought I’d ring in on the topic. I like both. But before I discuss why I’d like to refer you to this article I found on Voxburner, which lists 5 reasons why “young people” aren’t buying e-books.

  1. E-books should be cheaper than hardbacks.
  2. You can’t feel them.
  3. They don’t have an e-reader.
  4. E-books do nothing for status.
  5. They hate being enslaved by technology.

So there’s all five of them. I’ll just start with the first one and work my way down to my own reasons.