My Kindle Kaputzed

About a week ago my Kindle Touch stopped taking a charge through its incredibly loose charging port and I’m so sad about it. And I’m sure somewhere in the comments I’m going to read a “Real books don’t kaputz” comment, but let’s be real clear here: I enjoy reading-no matter its physical medium.

Also I can’t carrying around 99 books in my purse.

The problem I’m having now is that I can’t view my Kindle Docs on my PC, which is how I get my ARCs and Galleys for review. I can, however, read them on my phone, which is not as enjoyable, I assure you.

Right now, I have roughly ten ARCs waiting for me to read them for review and I have to do them on my phone until I get myself a new Kindle.

I’m thinking about getting a Kindle Paper White. I liked the Touch because of the ink screen, and the Paper White has the same screen (with a light!). I’m also excited to be able to read graphic novels on the Paper White, which didn’t work so well on the Touch.

I guess I’m just looking for some suggestions here. Does anyone else have an e-reader?