Crystal Kingdom β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†β˜†

cover61946-mediumA bit difficult to review since I didn’t read the first two in the series but I think I’ve read enough summaries and book reviews to get me up to speed.

Crystal Kingdom is the third book in the Kanin Chronicles, following Frostfire and Ice Kissed.

Bryn Aven, having been charged with murder and treason, is on the run. Konstantin Black is the only one who can help her, but he’s also her greatest enemy (since he tried to kill her father).

Bryn discovers the Kanin rulers’ darkest secrets as she tries to clear her name. Now the entire troll kingdom is on the precipice of war and it might tear her away from Ridley Dresden, the only man she’s ever loved.

Picking up where Ice Kissed leaves off, we find Brynn running from Doldastam and the bounty on her head, only to watch her get caught by Konstantin. She and Konstantin wind up working together to rally support for her in the other kingdoms, but it proves to be incredibly difficult.

From other reviews, I’ve gathered that the previous books had very sudden and unfulfilling endings. Not the case here: this was built up cleanly to a colorful explosion of action.

Bryn doesn’t stand out as a female character for me. Probably the only real problem I had with the book. She is strong and thoughtful, just what I’d expect in a YA female lead, but I just don’t find her unique.

I was never really bored with this book–confused at times, but not bored. And my confusion was remedied by a quick internet search of the previous books–so no harm done.

I was very, VERY pleased with the LACK of triangular romance. Konstantin is never a romantic lead, which leaves Bryn and Ridley to their feelings.

If fantasy is your genre-drug of choice, I’d recommend the whole series to you. The first two books sound wonderful and I assure you that last book is worth it.