Everything I did at Quirk

Today is a most joyous of days. As you read this-I am walking up to receive my diploma. Well–my mock diploma–the real one will come in the mail in like a month or so. Actually, I might already be on the train. Depends on when you read this. And I might not have walked if the ceremony was taking too long but I digress.

Getting my MA has been such an exhausting journey but here I am at the end. During my time at Rowan, I helped to charter three clubs: Gaming Club, Archery Team, and Writing Arts Club; I helped my friends and fellow students with their undergraduate portfolios; I worked hard and graduated Magna Cum Laude for both Undergrad and Grad; I came out alive on the other end of a lot of drama; I got engaged (for which I had the easiest part in); I wrote and fixed¬†roughly 30,000¬†words for my thesis and then I wrote more and fixed it all over again; I interned at Quirk Books and I’m still going!

I did a lot for my internship at Quirk and even blogged about it all, which you can read here. Below are links to the blog posts which I created images for and even some that I drafted myself.

I am so thankful for the opportunity I had with Julie and Nicole and I’m going to miss everyone at Quirk and Rowan a whole bunch. Continue reading “Everything I did at Quirk”


End of Week #12

Week #11 was Spring Break! So I was home getting ahead of all my school work. At this point in time I’m three weeks ahead of the syllabus for one class and waiting on group feedback for another class. I feel good about it.

Before I left for Spring Break I cleaned up the inbox for the marketing intern email. I archived everything since I’m paranoid about deleting emails. Ever. And I figured I’d get back and see a couple hundred just from Staples and Newsletters and things. But there were so many more than that.
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