End of Week #10

From Week #9:

What a busy Monday. Lots of blog posts, images for Women’s History Month, thinking about Dr. Seuss’s birthday, jumping off points for blog posts for April, special excerpt posts, giveaways, pictures for Quirk Perks, and finally getting the signed movie posters all packaged up.

Oh! And I applied to Abrams Children’s Publishing as for a social media and publicity assistant position and obviously did not get it.

Week #10:

Bet you’re wondering where week 9 went. Well being sick doesn’t really lend itself to interning very well.

So here’s week #10!

Lot’s of blog posts about all things Irish and one exceptionally long post coming to a nice 2,000 words. Could not believe that blogger sent that in. I re-wrote the whole thing. And that took me a lot longer than I expected.

I also worked on a big project this week by documenting all the social media highlights for the past couple of months to track the social media growth across the networks.

And now I’m working on a taxonomy project. So I’m looking at the full list of books that Quirk has published and categorizing them for better suggestions on the blog widget. And it’s going to take a while.

Last week, Lauren and I sent out 160 shot glasses with Last Call at Nightshade Lounge, I cant believe we wrapped all those up and still got out on time.

Spring break next week! See you guys for March 21 through March 25!