Fall Weather and Writing Slumps

It’s been dropping below 60 in my hometown lately. The night air is chilly, beautiful, crisp, and I just want to sit out in my back yard with a cup of cocoa and a good book. Or a good notebook.

Fall is my favorite season–as I am a booknerdigan at heart. It’s perfect for writing, relaxing, cuddling, mingling, reading, and nothing. That’s right. Nothing. A big grand not a thing.

And as the weather gets colder I’m actually getting out of this summer long writing slump that I’ve been in and I’m closing in on the last 8,000 words of my novel. I’m revealing the culprit and giving out the last of vital information and I’m enjoying revealing this to myself. I think part of the slump is caused by not having any deadline but my own and also wondering if my work is even worth finishing.

I’ve read it so many times I’m not surprised by any of it. No surprise for the writer no surprise for the reader was a mantra in my writing classes, but I mean how surprised can I really be after having this story in my head for over a year?Β The first time I wrote many of these scenes I was surprised that I’d even thought like that.

Now, I’m eager to be done with this piece so that I can move on to the second book and perhaps another project. I have a really sweet idea and want to explore it but I think I should finish up this one first.

AH! It feels good to be inspired!

From Tumblers to Travel Mugs

It is a whopping 68 degrees outside today. I’m glad that Autumn is finally here. As wonderful as Spring and Summer are, despite all that humid heat and the plethora of allergens, I prefer the Fall. There is something divinely serene about an Autumn evening, with the falling leaves and the chilly breeze.

It’s just so calm and inspiring to sit outside now. The mosquitoes aren’t eating me alive anymore because it’s getting to cold for them to be outside. My record for mosquitoes on me at a single time this summer was 8. That’s right. 8 little blood suckers on me at one time. You should see my legs. They are all scratched up and covered in welts.

But enough about my torn up legs. It’s hot chocolate season! Which is why I’m writing this post. I love hot chocolate. The only problem is that getting my hands on hot water is not going to be as easy filling up my water bottle while I’m at school.

Also I really want a new mug for my hot cocoa.