More Red Tape

Since my very first semester of college I have always had a problem with red tape. I am very angry confused this time since the error is within the same electronic system. It’s one thing when I transfer and the system has no idea what to make of courses-it’s another when I have my degree on my transcripts but cannot register for my next semester of Grad school because…






Think on that for a moment. My BA was awarded to me on August 30, 2014 and yet on September 15, 2014 and a hold was put on my account preventing me from registering for class. How does that even work?

And the best part, as a friend pointed out to me earlier, is that the hold lasts until December 31, 2099. I could wait 99 years for the hold to go away and then register. I will be 126 years old in 2099 and most likely dead.

So now I’m waiting for someone to return my phone call or my email about this problem so that I can register. If nothing else, I will remember this when I write my memoirs.