Episode #4: The First Book


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Jumping off a previous discussion, Maggie and Jess talk about the first book they read in a variety of genres and relive some shameful titles.

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Gotta Catch ‘Em All… Visual Rhetoric!!!

Once upon a time, in a region far, far away, there lived a plethora of animals that could only learn four moves. They were called pokemon. And they were awesome. Who am I kidding, they still are. Pokemon come in all shapes, sizes, and types: , and . Look at all those pretty colors. The colors add to the intratextuality of the game, but so do the appearances of the pokemon. Bulbasaur is one of the starter pokemon given to you at the beginning of the game. He is from the first generation of pokemon; the generation in which there were only 151. Without knowing his name, or seeing his pokedex entry, what type do you think he is based on colors and appearance alone? If you guessed  you are correct. If you guessed  I have to wonder how he looks like a bug…

On Bulbasaur’s back is a flower bulb. As he evolves the flower blooms. This is metaphoric gold on a semiotic level. The flower blooms because Bulbasaur has grown not only in size but also in experience. He has fought many battles and learned many moves (or not, it’s up to you). The flower on his back is a symbol of all this pokemon’s hard work.