Discussion: Connect with Me

So I’ve been beyond fed up and bored with Facebook lately. It’s beginning to feel a lot like MySpace and the ads are out of control. Similarly with Twitter, although I like Twitter more than Facebook since I can actually see content from Businesses and People that I follow rather than a million different spammy quizzes about “What Type of X Are You?”

I’m a san seriff X by the way. (Font pun for the win)

But Facebook has been dying, Twitter is stagnant, and I feel like Instagram is also on its way out.

Not to mention-posting to all of these as a blogger/author/person is exhausting. And I’m not even connecting with the people I want to connect with.

I want to stay in touch with my in person crowd – which consists of roughly seven people these days – and my book world. I want to connect with you, my fellow bloggers, on a place that isn’t Goodreads.

Especially since Goodreads has its own problems.

So I’d like to talk about Vero. It’s only on your phone and it’s new so it has some issues. But so far I like it and I would love it if you would download and connect with me. Like all social platforms you can find me under JMTuckerman.

And if there is something I can connect with you on, post it in the comments. I think it’s time for us to make friends and do some crossover posts in the community and on booktube channels and on podcasts.

We should all work together to promote each other.