cover57370-mediumEight months after his father was lost at sea, Pete’s mother still cries, his grandfather is suffering from Alzheimer’s, and his twin brother hates him. In fact, Henry blames Pete for everything. If Pete had gone on the boat with Henry and their Grandfather their father might still be alive and they might not be losing their house.

While searching in the attic for old things to sell, Pete finds a battle-weary ship-in-a-bottle. When Henry and Pete take the bottle to their grandfather they are transported back in time and land on the very ship that’s going down in the bottle. The boys must learn to work together in order to battle pirates and the raging sea. If they don’t, they mayย not have a home to return to.

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I know that Iย shamelessly plug my work on this site all the time but now you can too! RRW is opening its doors to new writers!

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Weโ€™re looking for new teams of writers, made up of four people, to create wonderful stories, writing prompts, and book reviews. If you donโ€™t have your own teamโ€“thatโ€™s coolโ€“weโ€™ll hook you up!

We accept full teams as well as individuals.

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