A Hospital Visit

I fully expected Ringo to freak from the sheer amount of noises happening at once all around us. The machines, the people, the air conditioner, even the beds rolling by felt incredibly overwhelming to me. Continue reading A Hospital Visit

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Social Cards

I posted a whole newbie guide for BookCon at BookedAllNight, but I wanted to help spread this section specifically. I think there are a lot of anxious BookNerds in the world and more cons should be adopting this trend. Some cons include social cards with your badges. Green for “I’m social! Please feel free to talk to me!” Yellow for “I’m a little shy. Please don’t talk to me unless I’ve instigated the conversation.” Red for “Do not talk to me.” This helps people who don’t do well with crowds (like myself). BookCon does not include these types of badges … Continue reading Social Cards

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