100 Posts!

jessifirework2No it’s not just a gif of fireworks over Cinderella’s castle. I thought I’d talk about NaNoWriMo and my little plans for it. For those who don’t know National Novel Writing Month begins Nov 1 at 12:00am. The challenge is to write 50,000 words and ultimately finish the novel. Well as I’ve talked about in the My Fiction Friday posts I’m working on many pieces, but I will be focusing my efforts on the Charlotte Holmes piece.
I’m trying to organize a Write-In at school. Gather all the Writing Arts majors and stick them in a room and force them to finish that big project. Maybe I’ll feed them. Maybe it’ll be a potluck. Β Who knows.

Maybe I’ll make it conditional. Write 1,000 words and you can have a slice of pizza. Write 2,000 words and I’ll let you out to pee. Should go over well.