Generic Author Q&A

Sometimes as bloggers, we get the chance to interview an author but we don’t get the opportunity or the time to read their work. Here are a few generic questions to help bolster your interview.

  1. What inspired you to write [book title]?
  2. Was there anything you had to edit out of the story that you wish you could have kept?
  3. What are some writing rituals you go through before sitting down to write?
  4. What was the main inspiration for the main character? Did s/he change over the course of writing the story?
  5. What was the weirdest thing you needed to research for the story?
  6. What was the first scene you thought of and how did you know that the story was worth exploring?
  7. What is your favorite scene and why?
  8. What books are on your nightstand? How long have they been there?
  9. What was the book that made you a reader?
  10. What was the book that made you a writer?
  11. If you can, who are you top five authors?
  12. What are your top five books?
  13. What are some books you’ve faked reading?
  14. What is one book you are an evangelical for?
  15. What books have you bought for the cover?
  16. What books, if any, did you hide from your parents?
  17. What are some of your favorite lines from books? (up to five)
  18. What book would you love to read for the first time again?
  19. Is there publishing professional (editor, marketer, designer, publicist, etc) who has influenced your writing life?