Editing Services

As a super admin at Round Robin Writes, a Media Editor at Glassworks Magazine, and a graduate of Rowan University’s BA and MA in Writing program, I hold a lot of editing and workshop expertise. I am thorough, though never rude. I am a writer myself and I understand the importance of productive and critical feedback when approaching the work of others.

But you’re a writer too and chances are you have your own degree and qualifications. So why get an editor? That’s easy: we tend to read over mistakes in our own work and often cling to the original wording and plot line because nothing can beat the original. A fresh set of eyes will help your work get better, both microcosmically (grammar, punctuation) and macrocosmically (plot holes, inconsistent characterization).

When formatting manuscripts for editing please double space. One page consists of at least 250 words.

Manuscript Eval

I will read through your manuscript and take care to look at your punctuation, spelling, grammar, syntax, flow, style, and structure. In all cases, I will review structure, dialogue, characterization, POV, pacing, and many other elements of craft. When I return your work to you it will include a written critique of my overall impressions.

$45 per hour

Substantive/Structural Editing

This means heavy editing. This means focus. In this service I will focus on your logical structure, your style choices, and the flow of your content in the effort to make your manuscript clear and easy to read. A structural edit will make sure your manuscript make sense.

$40 per 5 pages/$50 per hour

Copy Editing

Copy editing is fairly surface level. In this level, I am simply looking at your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and a few mechanics of style. At this level I am looking for consistency in style and format.

$30 per 10 pages/ $40 per hour

How it works

Please contact me at JessicaMaryWrites@gmail.com. Please send me: A summary of your work, the total length of your work, when you plan on querying/self-publishing.

After we have discussed a time frame, please use this portal paypal.me/JMTuckerman to pay me for my services.