Editing Services

What it’s like to work with me (bullet points edition)

  • I will read your work twice.
  • You will always get an editorial letter with my overall feedback, including directions I think your manuscript can go.
  • Revisions are not included in my prices, but I am always available to clarify my feedback for you.
  • I will always be honest with you about your work and whether or not I think it has a place in today’s market.
  • If you need your work back within 2 weeks, I have a 20% rush fee.
  • Rushed projects must be paid in full before I dig in, all others require a $45 fee to hold your place on my list.
  • You can pay any bill in installments. You will receive my feedback once the invoice is paid.
  • You can send me your work in sections if that works easier for your writing goals and budget.
  • Between my education and my freelance work, I have 10+ years of editing experience.

Contact Me at JessicaMaryWrites@gmail.com to set up an appointment.



Do you have a desire to write the next great picture, middle-grade, or young adult book but find yourself frustrated by an inability to develop or organize your writing?

I can help. Coaching does not include editing your work, nor is it ghostwriting. As a coach, I will help guide your story in the best direction. I will sit with you for an hour on call/video to hear about your story/scene and help you generate ideas as well as structure for your story.

Manuscript Overview


A manuscript overview is an extremely valuable first look at your manuscript by a professional editor. I will read through the entire manuscript and provide thoughtful, in-depth feedback concerning elements such as plot, characterization, structure, consistency, and style. Feedback from a manuscript overview can lead to significant changes to your manuscript. The assessment will identify your bookโ€™s strengths and weaknesses, and help you devise a revision strategy that dramatically improves the execution of your idea.

You will receive an editorial letter with my feedback.

You will NOT receive my inline comments or corrections.

5 pages / $35

Developmental Editing


Manuscript editing is a thorough and in-depth review of your entire manuscript. It examines all the elements of your writing, from individual words and sentences to overall structure and style. In fiction, this edit will also address any issues related to plot and characterization.

Good developmental editing will bear your target audience in mind and assess your work in relation to industry standards and expectations. Only once your manuscript has been revised, reshaped, and developed will it be ready for a copy edit and proofreading.

You will receive your manuscript with my inline comments and corrections as well as a letter with my overall feedback.

5 pages / $45