Editing Services

Developmental Editing : 5 pages / $45

A developmental edit is a thorough and in-depth edit of your entire manuscript. It is an examination of all the elements of your writing, from single words and the phrasing of individual sentences, to overall structure and style. It can address plot holes or gaps, problematic characterization and all other existing material. After a round of developmental editing — also called structural or substantive editing — a manuscript can change substantially; for inexperienced writers, accepting direct and honest feedback can be a difficult experience. Much of what you have spent many weeks, months or even years writing can be cut, shaped, moved or heavily criticised. Good developmental editing will also bear in mind your target audience and will judge your work in relation to professional industry standards and expectations. Only once your manuscript has been cut, reshaped, revised, and developed will it be ready for a copy edit and proofread.

5 pages / $45

Copyediting : 5 pages / $35

A copy edit will generally address grammatical or punctuation errors, incorrect facts, anomalies, inconsistencies and glaring typos. Overall, The purpose of copy editing is to ensure that the language supports the writer’s intent — while also creating the most readable version of their book. Professional copy editors can make sure your manuscript isn’t riddled with bad grammar, spelling mistakes, or glaring inconsistencies. They won’t enter into big-picture issues such as characterization, plot or pacing; instead, they will go through the manuscript line by line and focus on all the little things you might not have thought about. They’ll catch scenes in which your antagonist is wearing sunglasses and spectacles at the same time. They’ll save your tone and style from unintentionally wild shifts between sections. They’ll pull your book together page by page.

5 pages / $35

Proofreading : 10 pages / $30

Working with a proofreader is your last stop in the editing process. To ensure your book is ready to hit the presses (or digital publisher), a proofreader will step in and double-check everything. They’ll make sure that your files are free from spelling mistakes, grammar errors, missing punctuation, and other issues that could spoil a reader’s enjoyment of your writing. The term “proof” actually refers to a step in the traditional printing process. Typesetters would arrange tiles onto a metal plate that would print a single page. Once the tiles are set, they print a copy — a proof version — that gets sent to the publisher for a final check. The person who makes these checks will read the proof — hence, the “proof reader.” A professional proofreader not only has a keen eye for detail but a systematic method for spotting every subtle writing and content error and making sure the proof is free from typographical mistakes. A dedicated proofreader should have the attention of a devoted reader and the sharp mind of an editor — seeing everything, missing nothing.

10 pages / $30