That Work in Progress

I am finally-FINALLY-done with school. I now hold a BA in Writing Arts, an MA in Writing, and an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults. I have 10k left on my current work in progress and it's killing. Because I'm at a point that gets my MC to the end. And I know [...]


Quotes We Love at

At we spend a lot of time with books. We love talking about books, writing about books, writing books, and so much more. Here are a few of our favorite quotes from books, about books, about writing, and about life!


YES CAPITALS ARE REQUIRED! In August of this year, there is a book coming out about girls who code. It's a middle-grade fiction and code is supposed to be integral to the story (there's a code they have to figure out). I'm so excited and I just requested it in Edelweiss. If you don't know [...]

Full Series Stop

Many staff writers here at Round Robin Writes have been beyond excited for the release of King's Cage by Victoria Aveyard. We fell in love with Aveyard's writing in just the first seven chapters that released before Red Queen's publication. But Glass Sword had a lot of issues with it, most notably the repetition of "Anyone can betray [...]

A Wild New Piece Appears!

But no really. My notes for it are all over the piece. My last WIP was a murder mystery, and I could get away with not knowing exactly who did what from the very beginning. It let me leave behind more ambiguous clues and gave me a little more freedom with what they needed to [...]

So Many WIPs

I guess the abbreviation might be WsIP, but who would you pronounce that? Wuh-sip? That's what it is now. Wuh-sip. In any case - I have one completed draft, a new draft that I'm just starting, and two picture books that I'm working on the art for. The new work is in the note stage. [...]

Headed to NYC

Bright and early--Magdalyn Ann and I are headed up to NYC for a small author event at Books of Wonder. I'm all excitey pants about it. Obviously. Why else would I blog about it? We're going to get up there around lunch time and chill until the event starts. I'm hoping to connect with a [...]