YES CAPITALS ARE REQUIRED! In August of this year, there is a book coming out about girls who code. It’s a middle-grade fiction and code is supposed to be integral to the story (there’s a code they have to figure out). I’m so excited and I just requested it in Edelweiss.

If you don’t know (and I don’t know how you don’t know), I love books that play with format.


So I especially want to review this book.

I’m so excitey pants about it!

Full Series Stop

Many staff writers here at Round Robin Writes have been beyond excited for the release of King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard. We fell in love with Aveyard’s writing in just the first seven chapters that released before Red Queen‘s publication. But Glass Sword had a lot of issues with it, most notably the repetition of “Anyone can betray anyone”. And I did feel betrayed when the book took me so long to get through because there was a complete lack of action until the very end. And now, with the excerpt recently published by of chapters six and seven of King’s Cage, I feel like I will begrudgingly read the book rather than enter into it full of hope.

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A Wild New Piece Appears!

But no really. My notes for it are all over the piece. My last WIP was a murder mystery, and I could get away with not knowing exactly who did what from the very beginning. It let me leave behind more ambiguous clues and gave me a little more freedom with what they needed to discover and when they needed to discover it.

I don’t normally tend to write out of order, but I do, I write closely out of order. More like 5, 1, 2, 3, 4 than 5, 17, 1, 6, 20, 16.

I’m trying my hand at sci-fi this time around and unlike my murder mystery, set in today’s world, I have some things to figure out. And those things are holding me up.

I’m wondering at what point the preparation for the piece is holding me up from writing it. I want to explore it, but I only have two ideas for scenes in my head and one of them is definitely a middle of the road sort of scene and won’t make sense until after a major reveal. But in the meantime… I’m still trying to figure out those reveals.

So Many WIPs

I guess the abbreviation might be WsIP, but who would you pronounce that? Wuh-sip? That’s what it is now. Wuh-sip.

In any case – I have one completed draft, a new draft that I’m just starting, and two picture books that I’m working on the art for. The new work is in the note stage. That weird place between having an idea and having a story. So I’m working on vocabulary, setting, character names and what they keep in their pockets, and all that good fun stuff.

On a side note – I didn’t do that for my last MC and now I’m finding that bring her to life is a bit akin to smashing my head into a wall repeatedly expecting it to just be gone. I think part of it, is that she started as part of a short piece – an assignment – that was only a few pages long. I was more consumed with the story that I was with who was in it. I have a lot of work ahead of me to make that draft publishable (even query-able but it’s getting there.)

Headed to NYC

Bright and early–Magdalyn Ann and I are headed up to NYC for a small author event at Books of Wonder.

I’m all excitey pants about it. Obviously. Why else would I blog about it?

We’re going to get up there around lunch time and chill until the event starts. I’m hoping to connect with a few more bloggers as well as the amazing authors who will be there. And maybe a rep from TOR and an agent.

You know I need more ways to request books.

I love books.

On a side note–I’ve noticed that I’m running out of business cards for I ordered 500 for BookCon-so I’ve given a lot of them out apparently.

Here’s to networking! And hey-if you’re a YA book blogger (or middle grade-I don’t judge), let me know your website in the comments! I’d love to connect!

New Middle Grade Work

cyber-tech-faeriesOkay hear me out. Faeries and vlogging! But not vlogging faeries. Let me premise this with a background of inspiration. Many moons ago, when I was an education major, hoping, naively, to be the greatest teacher ever, we spent a good week and a half going over statistics. Keep in mind–these are the statistics for students most likely to fail.

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76566295-368-k31393Follow me on Twitter or talk to me in person and you’ve probably learned of my new found love of audio books. I -recently- purchased A Court of Mists and Fury to listen to and because I only tend to listen in the car or on the train it has taken me a few months to listen to it in it entirety.

Until this morning.

On my way to work.

When I finished it.

When I expected to hear the beginning of the next chapter.

Now if that’s not bad enough–I have like twelve books now that I am craving waiting patiently for to be published in 2017.  Continue reading “A Court of HOW COULD YOU END THE BOOK THERE”

Canine Inspired Book Recs for the Dog Days of Summer


With the rise of the constellation Sirius, we are officially in the dog days of summer. It’s time to put the swimmies on Fido and jump in the pool. Or maybe you’d like to just curl up on the couch with the AC blasting while you and your dog both read a good book. Which ever it is, make sure it’s interesting for your fur-legged friend too. Here are five books about dogs to read with your pooch! Continue reading “Canine Inspired Book Recs for the Dog Days of Summer”

6 Books to Read on Your Road Trip


It’s that time again Robin Fans. Time to pile into mom or dad’s car, curl your legs beneath you, and read a book while you zoom down the highway. Or maybe it’s time to throw your headphones on and ignore the flight attendants while they direct you to the safety exits because you just got to a really good chapter and you can’t bear to look up from the page. Either way-you’re traveling and we’ve got some recommended reading for your bookish travels. Continue reading “6 Books to Read on Your Road Trip”