Epic Birthday Tag

Today is my birthday! And now I’m officially 30! My God… 30… To celebrate I’m doing this tag I tagged in by Eva @ Brilliantly Bookish. I feel like you tagged me like six months ago. Rules Always Always Always pingback/link to icebreaker694‘s site (she wants to see your answers). Post this on your birthday!!! Or not, y’know, you do you. Answer the questions! (You might have to do some digging, hope that’s not a problem.) Tag as many bloggers as you can! (At least 1+ so the tag won’t die!) Questions WHEN’S YOUR BIRTHDAY (MONTH + DAY)? September 5th! (pssst that’s … Continue reading Epic Birthday Tag

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June Wrap Up

In my personal life… I finally started making the centerpieces for my wedding. Need something to do with those ARCs? Wrap them in scrap book paper!  But seriously, these books look amazing and I can’t wait to stack them up. Also-every time I tell people we’ll add the candle next to the book everyone responds […]

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The End of the Birds

Months ago, my co-admin and I at RoundRobinWrites.com decided to just let the site go. Yesterday, the domain officially expired. We’ve spent three years pouring our hearts into it spiked and crashed hard. We’re not going to stop reviewing or blogging though. We’ve already created a new website. It’s just hard to let it go. Through the year I’ve been slowly dismantling it. Downloading and backing up reviews and interviews to take with us and deciding to leave everything else to the ether of the internet. I canceled our RedBubble store and moved all of the designs I created into … Continue reading The End of the Birds

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BookCon 2017

So many pictures! I had a blast at this year’s BookCon, even though the ARC game was so weak. Also, I hope that EVERYONE who has the audacity to SELL THEIR ARCS ONLINE gets fined. ARC are specifically not for sale and if you cut in front of people or kept some fan from getting a book this year just so you could make a few bucks… well… just know that I find you to be a despicable sub-human being.

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Rapid Fire BookTag

I saw this tag on Reading & …  and thought I’d give it a go. Rapid fire questions and answers, the idea is to keep the answers short and sweet… which… I didn’t do for a few of them. (This tag was created by GirlReading on YouTube)

Question 1: E-books or Physical Books?

Both. I prefer physical books, especially for reviews because they tend to pressure me more into reading them, but I also travel a lot and my kindle comes in handy for that. Plus, I get the ARC instantly when I get an advanced galley. So there’s that bonus too.

Question 2: Paperbacks or Hardbacks?

Hardback in the streets, paperback in the sheets. I like hardbacks on my shelves but paperbacks travel better in my bag… and weigh less… and hurt less when I drop them on my face when I fall asleep reading.
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