How I Organize My Blogging Schedule

I've seen a lot of bloggers posting lately about how they keep on top of their blogging schedule, so I thought I'd share as well. Up front, know that I've written this post, already posted it once, and am now rescheduling it for May 2018. It's currently March 2018. My posting schedule varies throughout the [...]


Formatting Your Posts: Part 2

Last week we talked mostly about images, but there are many more ways to clean up your posts. Let's get started! Lines, Headings, & Other Separators Lines & Custom Breaks Continuing with images, let's talk about separating your content when you want to add a little flare. In most blogging platforms a simple <hr>, aka [...]

Feature Images

Let's talk images! Every post should have one! You heard me. One. Yes, there are exceptions and personal preferences so let's just dive right in. Feature Images Feature Images are great! They are the first image people see for your post. You can see mine for this series right at the top of this post! [...]