First Official Day at Work

We’re blogging from the phone today, so please excuse any typos. Ringo’s first official day with me at work is…

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Ringo: SDiT

If you follow me on social media you’ve probably noticed the world’s okay-est service dog in training in the background. (He’s got a new vest by the way) We adopted Ringo back in May. He’d been in the shelter for three months, which I still cannot believe because he’s a cutie patootie, having been picked up in Georgia as a stray. He spent months in a paddock with other dogs playing whenever he wanted to, so that’s something we’re still working through because he still wants to play on his time. When he first came home, he had severe separation … Continue reading Ringo: SDiT

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That Work in Progress

I am finally-FINALLY-done with school. I now hold a BA in Writing Arts, an MA in Writing, and an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults. I have 10k left on my current work in progress and it’s killing. Because I’m at a point that gets my MC to the end. And I know how it ends. But between now and then something happens and I just haven’t figured that part out yet. It’s infuriating. But, I have some goals. My pinky fingers willing, I will get that last 10k done by April 30th, overhaul in May, and begin … Continue reading That Work in Progress

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