About Me


Sierra Nevada University
Master’s of Fine Arts
MFA Writing for Children and Young Adults

  • Worked with published and award winning authors such as Pablo Cartaya, Lisa Papademetriou, Jess Rinker, Joe McGee, and Patricia Smith to perfect my craft of writing and knowledge of my field.

Rowan University
Master’s of Arts
MA Writing

  • Maintained my position as President of Writing Arts Club and helped to build a community of writers
  • Volunteered my time to aid Department Head with orientation.

Rowan University
Bachelor of Arts
BA Writing Arts
Specializations: Creative Writing, New Media Writing and Publication
Concentration: New Media

  • Started Gaming Club, Archery Team, and Writing Arts Club.
  • Member of Tau Sigma Honor Society

Work Experience

Freelance Editor
January 2019 – Present

  • Copy and developmentally edit the work of others
  • Aid and coach writers to explore their stories

Tales from a Work in Progress
January 2023

  • Interview authors
  • Draft craft essays
  • Engineer podcast audio

All By My Shelf Admin
June 2021 – July 2022

  • Record, edit, and draft copy for podcast and blog
  • Generate blogs, book reviews, feature images, and marketing graphics
  • Build and maintain a network of authors and publishing professionals
  • Review recently released and upcoming middle grade and young adult titles
  • Interview authors

Booked All Night
June 2016 – June 2021

  • Record and edit audio for podcast
  • Generate blogs, book reviews, feature images, and marketing graphics
  • Build and maintain a network of authors and publishing professionals
  • Review recently released and upcoming YA and middle-grade titles
  • Interview authors

Picador USA, Macmillan
Managing Editorial Intern
October 2017 – December 2017

  • Read manuscripts
  • Drafted reader reports
  • Reverse engineered e-books
  • Learned Biblio3 metadata maintenance

Quirk Books
Social Media Marketing Intern
January 2016 – May 2016

  • Drafted & edited blogs
  • Aided in NetGalley and Edelweiss approvals
  • Handled mass mailings
  • Drafted newsletter copy
  • Aided in content creation for social media platforms

Glassworks Magazine
Media Editor
September 2015 – December 2015

  • Reviewed video, audio, and images for submission
  • Interviewed local authors

Round Robin Writes
Super Admin
April 2013 – January 2016

  • Built and maintained professional network of bloggers, authors, and publishing professionals
  • Obtained and assigned books for review to three different teams
  • Created and oversaw teen team of writers (all girls aged 14-17 who gained experience writing, blogging, social media, and new media skills

Relevant Coursework

  • Craft of Writing for Children and Young Adults I, II, III, & IV (MFA)
  • Public Reading/Speaking for Writers (MFA)
  • Finding Your Voice (MFA)
  • Using Multilingualism and Conlang (MFA)
  • Teaching Creative Writing (MFA)
  • Critical Theory (BA, MA, MFA)
  • Creative Writing I & II (BA)
  • Visual Rhetoric & Multimodal Communication (MA)
  • Creative Non-Fiction (BA, MA)
  • Writing Children’s Stories (BA, MA)
  • The Writer’s Mind (BA)
  • Publication Layout & Design (BA)
  • Evaluating Writing (BA)
  • Writing Fiction (MA)
  • Writing the Graphic Novel (MA)
  • Editing the Literary Journal (MA)
  • New Media Production I & II (BA)

Retreats, Workshops, & Masterclasses

Neurodivergence in Literature
March 6, 2021

With Alyssa Gonzalez, Dani Alexis Ryskamp, Edward Wells, Mike Jung, Nick Walker

Misrepresentation and Stigmatization of Suicide in YA Novels about Suicide
March 6, 2021

With Spencer Hyde, Virginia Wood, Carly Susser

Give It a Name: Mental Health and the Writing Life
March 6, 2021

With Ilana Masad, Katherine Mullins, Paul Pedroza, Sarah Fawn Montgomery, Bruce Owens Grimm

Reworking the Workshop: Changing Dynamics for a Diverse Classroom | March 5, 2021

With Marie Fuhrman, Prageeta Sharma, Divya Victor, Sean Hill, Alexandra Teague

Speculative Fiction for Dreamers | March 5, 2021

With Frederick Aldama, Matthew Goodwin, Alex Hernandez

The Art of Teaching Writing for Children and Young Adults | March 4, 2021

With Edith Hemingway, Precious McKenzie, Leah Henderson

Disability’s Influence on Literature: Realism As A Craft Concept, Sponsored by AWP | March 3, 2021

With Marlena Chertock, Eileen Cronin, T.K. Dalton, James Tate Hill

Writing Between the Worlds: Store, Setting, Identity | March 3, 2021

With Ava Homa, Brenda Peynado, Ann Kim, Ehsaneh Sadr, Michael Zapata

A Mind of One’s Own An Asset-Based Look at Writing from Mental Difference | March 3, 2021

With Destiny Birdsong, Sara Henning, Katy Richey, David Ebenbach, Suzanne Paola

MASTERCLASS: The Intersection of Character and Theme | Nov 14, 2020

With Alex Bracken & Susan Dennard

MASTERCLASS: Writing Graphic Novels | Nov 14, 2020

With Varian Johnson.

Worlds from Words, the Art (and Science?) of Worldbuilding | Nov 14, 2020

Moderated by Veronica Roth with Jennifer L Armentrout, Traci Chee, Somaiya Daud, Jordan Ifueko and Samantha Shannon

Witches, Villains, Vampires | Nov 14, 2020

Moderated by Danielle Paige with Holly Black, Zoraida Cรณrdova, Kass Morgan and Caleb Roehrig

How Do You Plan a Series? | Nov 14, 2020

Moderated by Brendan Reichs with Stephanie Garber, Marie Lu, Garth Nix and Tochi Onyebuchi

MASTERCLASS: Fan Service | Nov 14, 2020

With Victoria Aveyard and Soman Chainani.

MASTERCLASS: The Story Corpse | Nov 13, 2020

With Victoria Schwab.

Middle Grade Gets Real | Nov 13, 2020

With Kacen Callender, Brandy Colbert, Ally Condie, and Erin Entrada Kelly

MASTERCLASS: Start With A Map: Free Online Writing Workshop for Young Writers | July 2, 2020

With Lisa Papademetriou.

Highlights Foundation Unworkshop | Oct 1-5, 2020

Connected with fellow writers and worked on my manuscript.

Highlights Foundation Unworkshop | Aug 13-16, 2020

Connected with fellow writers and worked on my manuscript.

MASTERCLASS: Voice Through the Noise | June 25, 2020

With Pablo Cartaya.