An Early Hiatus

Hey there book nerds,

We three here at Booked All Night have read a great many books over the past 300+ days. With everything that has happened this year and the seasonal change, it’s time for us to read for fun and not for content.

We’ll be hibernating for a little but we do have things planned for you in the meantime.

Make sure to check out 25 Days of BookRecs, our annual posting of 4 and 5-star book reviews which we posted over the year. It’s a great way of getting ideas for the gift-giving season as well as for building up your TBR.

Also, check out our podcast and make sure to subscribe to the mailing list. We’ll be posting the games we’ve played with our author guests and we want you on that mailing list so you know about who’s coming to visit so that you can add your questions to our interviews!

An Interview with James Sie Booked All Night

Connect with James Sie Twitter . Facebook . Instagram . Tumblr . GoodReads ORDER SOME KIND OF OTHER FROM BOOKED ALL NIGHT JAMES SIE (pronouns he/him) is the author of Still Life Las Vegas, his debut novel, which was a Lambda Literary Award nominee for Best Gay Fiction. An award- winning playwright, he has had productions performed in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York (Lincoln Center Institute) and across the country. He has contributed essays to The Rumpus, The Advocate, Pen America, and Esquire. In addition to writing, James is also a voiceover artist for many cartoons and games, including Jackie Chan Adventures, Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness; Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Avatar: The Last Airbender, where his excessive love of cabbages has earned him immortal fame. James now lives in Los Angeles with his husband and son. LISTEN TO THE FULL INTERVIEW ON OUR PATREON Connect with Booked All Night Facebook Twitter Instagram — This episode is sponsored by Β· Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. — Send in a voice message:
  1. An Interview with James Sie
  2. Mental Health in YA Publishing and Writing
  3. Chasing The Dragon: Let's Talk About Genre
  4. An Interview with Tracy Wolff
  5. Katharyn Blair Plays Never Have I Ever Spoiled My Own Book

We want to thank you for supporting us and encourage you to share your favorite posts and podcast episodes because it helps us grow and shows us that you care.

We’ll be back next year, but for now, it’s time for a well deserved nap.

Happy Reading,
Jess, Maggie, & Dan


An Interview with James Sie Booked All Night

  1. An Interview with James Sie
  2. Mental Health in YA Publishing and Writing
  3. Chasing The Dragon: Let's Talk About Genre
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