Ringo And The Chamber Of NOT PEEING ON THE LEASH

Okay, so, almost a year ago (it will be a year in May, oh my), we adopted Ringo. We had some hurdles to get over, like separation anxiety, reactiveness, and leash frustration. But in addition to that-Ringo doesn’t pee on lead.

You heard that correctly.

All the grass in the world couldn’t tempt this adorable boy. Even when I drop the leash, he gets ready to go–looks at it–and then rights himself so he doesn’t. At first, we worked off the you don’t go unless you go on the leash plan. But he’d hold it for days. Really just about a single day and just go the next morning, but still, he was holding it until he really had to go. After he got a bladder infection, we stopped that approach entirely. And moved onto the next one: you have an hour to pee or you don’t get treats. We even restricted his food so that he got all of his calories from us for doing what he was supposed to do.

Nevertheless, he refused to pee.

So now. Let me lay out this 101 point plan that our trainer came up with that we will be working on from now until what may be the end of time:

1.We stay by the door, Ringo goes off leash to pee where he feels like.
2. Next day, we take a step closer.
3. Closer.
76. We attach a D clip to his collar and go back to step one.
77. We attach a little bit of leash to the clip and go back to step one.
78. We attach a little bit more leash to the clip and go back to step one.
99. Once the little leash is the size of our leash for him we try using his potty command.
100. …?
101. Profit.

It may not seem like a big thing but one point that scares me is that he can’t travel with me yet. I can’t go to conventions, or workshops, or residencies without him. Which means I’m missing out on professional opportunities because of my anxiety.

Well, because of Ringo’s bladder and my anxiety.

That and trying to play with literally every dog he sees are standing between us and going for his certification. So wish us luck.

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