A Hospital Visit

This week we had a family emergency and had to go to the hospital. Ringo has never been to the hospital, but I am aware that if a service dog gets out of hand that the handler is required to either quell it or remove the dog from the space. I fully expected Ringo to freak from the sheer amount of noises happening at once all around us. The machines, the people, the air conditioner, even the beds rolling by felt incredibly overwhelming to me.

But not to Ringo.

Ringo was great. He sat by the bed, he let nurses move around him without knocking them over, and he even let the doctor step over him to get closer to the IVs. He didn’t jump. He didn’t whine.

I am so proud of him. He did a good job taking care of me while I freaked out in the cafeteria. He nudged my hands, he gave me hugs, and he always moved between me and other people.

He has come such a long way.

The only problem we had was that Ringo still refuses to pee on a leash so he really, really, really, had to go when we finally got home. We’re working on that, but it’s slow going in comparison to everything else.

While waiting at the hospital I had a lot of time to finish my final run through of edits on my book. I have 14 pages left to go through and then I will be sending out my very first batch of query letters.

I’m so nervous and excited, but also really proud of me. It’s a lot of work and I was worried that I had wasted a lot of time in school only to be kept from doing what I want to do my own neuroses.

Such is not the case and I have many people and puppies to thank for that. Which I will. On my dedication page. When the time comes.

Not if.

But when.

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