I Knew Him In The Groin

It’s been a little bit since I’ve updated everyone on Ringo. He’s doing great! He continues to improve (still has some issues peeing on lead and not just screaming at other dogs because he wants to play) and is even interrupting my ticks without a command.

He’s so good at restaurants now and doesn’t bother the servers. Even when they have french fries.

And as for my writing-guys-girls-I have 300 words left. I’ve been going through my manuscript just fixing and expanding, fixing and expanding. I’m going to finish this manuscript before SCBWI! I’m so excited.

I’m doing it!

I’m actually pursuing writing as a career.

And that’s worth… most… of the headaches.

And before I go-everyone deserves a funny story. As I was editing today and looking at Word’s suggestions for my terrible grammar, it suggested I change the word knee as in I knee him in the groin.

With what word, you ask?


So that would be, I knew him in the groin.

I knew him, Horatia. In the groin. Sorry not sorry. I’ve been laughing about it all day.

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