A School Visit

The cutest presenter that school has ever seen.

This week Ringo and I visited Lakeside Middle School in Millville, NJ. We didn’t talk about us or service dog training, but about blogging (about books specifically).

Ringo was such a good boy. Until the end of the day when he so bored he started participating in my presentation.

Me: Who likes to read?
Ringo: Rrrrrraaaararararrrrr
Me: Thanks buddy. Okay, you, what was the last book that you read?
Ringo: RRRRRRRRRaaaaaaa
Me: You hush. That’s a great title. Could you name three things you liked about it?
Ringo: RRRrrrrrRRRrrraaaarararararrarraaaaa

But he did stay the entire time I walked around and even while he was talkative in the last presentation. That’s a good boy.

After the school talk, we went out for lunch and he was a good boy there too. Ringo has a particular weakness for french fries and often breaks his stays if a server walks past with them. He did not do that this week.

I’m so proud. He’s really coming along great in his training.

Here he is giving me HUGS after a very long day for both of us.

The best part for me has been that I have something to throw myself into. I don’t want to say hobby, because Ringo’s service dog training is so much more than that, but it’s having similar effects. And it lets me multitask while I’m writing, so if I start to feel myself drift into that focus limbo, I can just reach down and pet Ringo.

Which is his job, ha, ha, ha. But seriously, it’s nice because either way I’m getting work done and I don’t feel like I’m wasting time.

Just a note: it’s almost April! Is anyone else participating in Camp NaNoWriMo? I’m hoping to use it to get my last 9k done.

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