A Pupdate on Training

Ringo has been making such huge strides. We have a solid tuck (that’s when he sits under tables and desks to stay out of people’s way) and even do touch without a command.

Last week in manners class we started getting into/onto tubs, i assume for grooming. Ringo has no problem getting in or on things.

He does however have a problem with running water, or stagnant water, basically any water anywhere that isn’t meant explicitly for drinking. You should hear him at bath time. I’d wager that you actually can hear him at bath time regardless of your country of residence.

We’re working more on his blocks these days, when he puts himself between me and people. We’re not supposed to say block though because apparently some people think it’s rude (well, I think it’s rude for you to tailgate me in line at the register but whatevs), so we say Left, Front, Right, and Post.

He’s got front down, does it quickly and everything, but the moment he’s got any sort of space for post he’s just like LOLZ WHAT IS THIS POSITION!

But in service class this week, we actually got to have class (for a little bit any way) with the other dogs. Ringo is reactive (he just makes a lot of noise) around other dogs. He just wants to play and we’re still working through a few habits that I think are because my handsome boy is still in his puppyhood. But he’s getting better about seeing other dogs, and not letting the entire tri-state area know about it.

We’re making great progress and my trainer thinks he’ll be ready to come to the SCBWI conference with me in June.

Now I just need to get another 1,000 words done.

Just another 1,000 words.

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