Getting Conference Ready for SCBWI

Ringo got a new vest this week! And. It. Has. Pockets.

I’m very excited.

Plus he seems to like the shorter vest better than his old one. I’ve noticed he’s not rubbing up against furniture. We’ve lost patches that way!

So this week we’ve been working hard on our sit/stays. Part of the CGC (Canine Good Citizen) test is a strong sit/stay and little to no whining when I leave the room. That’s important to me for workplace reasons so that I can get up to go get files and things without being followed.

We’re getting service dog emojis!

We’ve also been working on post more, since he’s still not as tight as I’d like him to be when we don’t have a wall to keep him close.

Last night in class we built up to a really solid sit/stay. I’d tell Ringo to sit/stay and then walk out of the room and he’d stay there until my trainer left too at which point you’d just hear the jingle jangle of tags and the dragging leash.

We also worked more on ignoring distractions. Ringo is a curious boy. He’s not barking and whining as much when something happens (which he was when he first came home, but he’s older now, wiser even) we’re just still working on checking back in on me.

I’m very excited that my trainer thinks Ringo will be ready to go with me to the SCBWI conference in June. And that will be huge for me. I mean, one, just going to that conference for me means I’ll have finished my work and I’m getting ready to pitch it (omg so nerve wracking) and two, I might not need a travel buddy because I’ll already have a travel buddy.

Let’s all cross our fingers and train real hard.

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