The Best Literary Book Gifts

If you’re a fan of Out of Print, you’ll really enjoy Literary Book Gifts. We took a look at her products and put together a list of our favorites. As an added bonus, you can get 20% off using code  BOOKEDALLNIGHT20!


With Halloween right around the corner, you know you need the original horror novel on a T-shirt.

Dante’s Inferno

Feeling particularly divine and/or exiled from your country?

Don Quixote

It’s almost perfect for my hubris about how many books I think I can carry in a single tote bag.

Picture of Dorian Gray

Picture this: you, a bulky tenured English professor sort of cardigan (maybe ina  green with brown suede elbows), this T-shirt, and a nice hot latte. Remember to use BOOKEDALLNIGHT20 when you order.

Emily Dickinson

It features a handwritten script of Hope is the thing with feathers. It almost looks like it was taken write off a journal page.

Wuthering Heights

Go on down to the moors and scream at Heathcliff to get his own damn laundry done. Wait… just go out for a nice stroll in the fog.


What hump? Oh, this hump? I got it from carrying way too many books on one shoulder.

Typewriter Tote

Although you can purchase a typewriter again these days (see your local craft store), maybe just use this to house all your notebooks with the notes for your novel.

Moby Dick

A T-shirt to the first nerd who spies the white whale! Yar, I saw it first.

The End

The best way to end our list. But also a little foretelling: the end of my wallet, the end of my free time, the end of my TBR (ha, ha, ha, yeah right).

Remember to visit Literary Book Gifts and use BOOKEDALLNIGHT20 to get 20% off your order.

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