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If you think for a second that I wake up in the morning and type up and post my blogs at exactly 8am on the dot–you are–incredibly–wrong. All of my posts are scheduled, let me repeat that:


Reviews, book tags, TBRs, recaps, updates, all of it. All scheduled. In fact, I’m justΒ re-scheduling this entire series while I’m busy in my semester so that my blog doesn’t die down in terms of content.

Every December I run 25 Days of BookRecs. It’s a post a day for 25 days straight.Β It’s wonderful. My blog runs itself while I take a little break.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Scheduling your posts for the morning means they’ll already be up for you to schedule social media posts.
  • Scheduling posts for the morning also gives you more time to garner views.
  • Scheduling helps you to keep a steady schedule and also lets you stay ahead of the game. A few bulk days of drafting posts will make for a few easy months in which you can add more timely posts in between what you already have scheduled.
  • Reviews should be scheduled as soon as you finish so that the review goes up within 2 weeks of the book’s publication date.

On any blogging platform, you can schedule your post under post settings. For example, on WordPress, the schedule settings are on the right at the top of the drafting page; on Tumblr, they are beneath the post.

I try to fill out my months with at least 2 posts a week so that I can keep to a relatively steady posting schedule. Again, I highly recommend posting at least once a week when you start and building up to more.

There are many types of posts which can be anytime posts that you can use to fill out your schedule. I keep a running master list here. Take a quick look at it and then check back next week when I talk about formatting your posts.

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J M Tuckerman is a New Jersey-based writer, blogger, and podcast talent. Tuckerman holds a BA in Writing Arts, an MA in Writing, and an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults. She is a proud dog mom, cat mom, archer, wife, and passionate book wyrm.

4 thoughts on “Scheduling Content

  1. I also schedule all of my posts! I honestly don’t get how people DON’T do itβ€”I could never write a post the day it’s supposed to go up! And the scheduling option on WordPress has saved my life so many times haha sometimes I’m not in the mood to write blog posts for a few days but I don’t have to worry because I’ve still got 2 weeks of posts scheduled! It’s great πŸ™‚

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  2. I don’t schedule mine. I tried it. I liked it, but on WordPress it did not use half of the tags I had originally had. Right now I am writing every day to train myself to write every day because I really need to discipline myself. But I might go back to scheduling one day…

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