The Swift ★★★★★

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The Swift by Alex Banks is amazingly action packed!

Can the past be unbroken?

Everything about Pete’s life stinks. His dad is dead, his grandfather doesn’t even remember him, his mom cries all the time, and they’re about to lose their crappy old house to the bank.

And Pete’s twin brother Henry blames him for all of it.

While cleaning out the attic, the boys discover an old seaman’s trunk that transports them back in time where they’re forced to battle the raging sea and pirates bent on their destruction. Pete and Henry will have to work together to fix the broken past—or they won’t have a future to return to.

Pete and Henry are incredibly easy to relate to for anyone who has ever had siblings or a close friend. And their tragedy is set up so well in the beginning that even though I didn’t know them very long (just a few chapters in when tragedy strikes) I felt bad with them.

I love that these boys have legitimate reactions and Pete’s narration shows how confusing death and loss can really be.

I have many favorite parts, but I will say that they are all influenced by the spectacular characterization of these characters. No one fully accepts what happens to them without first admitting that it is unbelievable and that is very refreshing to read after making my way through Mothman’s Curse.

I love all the details-like pirates in 1695 not wearing underpants (you can read the book to find out the context there).

And everything gets wrapped up! There was no point where I was reading this book and wondering how any of it was relevant!

You know what-here’s my review-go get yourself a copy, otherwise you’re missing out. And believe me. You wouldn’t want to do that.

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