25 Days of BookRecs 2017

Hinges Book Two: Paper Tigers ★★★★★

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Amazing. Can that be my review?


Orio and Bauble have settled nicely into the city of Cobble. But as more of Bauble’s nature reveals itself they find themselves facing a much greater world outside of Cobble’s walls.

No plot review here. Because I want you to go pick these graphic novels up.

The artwork? Fantastic and unique.

The characters? Adorable and fleshed out. So much of McClaren’s work with Hinges is non-verbal and you just feel for these characters as you realize what they realize.

We get to explore so many themes in Hinges, most notably those of friendship and the trustworthiness of authority.

Okay, maybe a little plot discussion. Orio and Abernathy find another clockwork city, but this one is infested with paper tigers and all of the clocks have stopped. Now they’re trying to figure out what happened to this civilization so they can prevent it from happening to Orio’s city.

Seriously, go pick up her book. Support this artist and blast her work all over the internet. Meredith McClaren is a great artist and storyteller. And the world needs Hinges. And you have to know that I loved this so much that I couldn’t tell you much about it. I really want you to enjoy the feels on your own.

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