Winter Break!

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I have finally turned in my last packet of the semester. It might be crap but it’s done. Now on to my plans for winter break.

  • Sleep!
  • Put at least an extra 10,000 words into my work in progress.
  • Read a bunch of books to front load next semester.
  • Plan out the end of my work in progress.
  • Sleep!
  • Finish designs for the (hopefully) soon-to-be opened Booked All Night store.
  • Build up my TBR for the year.
  • Go on a requesting spree for the up coming year!
  • Sleep!
  • Make cookies!
  • Sleep!
  • Get back to agility practice with my dogs.
  • Compete and NOT be eliminated in an agility competition.

In all honesty though, I’m looking forward to putting some time into my WIP that doesn’t involve a deadline. I’m hoping a brief relaxing pace helps me to move the story forward.

The semesters are all coming to close, so what is everyone else planning to do over their breaks?

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